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Melissa H.

-Ab Coaster User

“People are saying that I look great. My clothes fit me better. I lost 8 1/2 inches off my midsection. I owe it all to the Ab Coaster!”


The most effective Ab workout machine available and built like a tank.

The equipment, once assembled, is the best abdominal workout that can be had. The machine is built well and will last a lifetime.


Verified Amazon Buyer

Tried it and loved it. Bought mine the minute I got home!

This is an outstanding machine that my whole family uses daily. I was staying at a hotel and they had one in their gym, tried it and loved it. Bought mine the minute I got home.

Jim Sittler

Verified Amazon Buyer

It really works!!

This is a sturdy machine that really isolates your ab muscles. A great way to get through your ab workout if you dread the crunches, planks, and ab machines at a gym.

Brian P.

Verified Amazon Buyer


Working out isn’t easy for me, as a single mom full-time student and a part time employee, time is a gift. Would be a great addition to anyone’s home gym.


Verified Amazon Buyer

Solid ab machine!

The quality of the machine is very good. seems pretty durable. I’m already pretty fit so i have to do a lot of reps to really feel the burn, but I definitely do, especially in my lower abs.


Verified Amazon Buyer

Excellent abs!

I’ve been using this machine for a year. It definitely does the trick for improving your abs. This works for me – no back pain and great abs!

Michael S.

Verified Amazon Buyer

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Ab Coaster PS500
  • Steel Construction
  • Free-Style Motion Seat

Ab Coaster CS1500

  • Top of the Line Unit
  • Bonus Weights/Mat and
    Lifetime Warranty!

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The Abs Company makes high quality, innovative commercial abdominal and functional training exercise equipment focused on the development of core strength. Abs Company products are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness centers and in millions of homes in 40+ countries worldwide.